Your Investment Property We have dedicated people who handle the management of investment properties. That means you get expertise and focus from specialists. The team is led by experienced directors who are always available and serviced by one of Australia’s leading property management systems 24/7 for you to access online.

Your property manager is a professional property manager. They’re doing the job they love, which means there’s little turnover in our team. It means you’ll be talking to someone who knows you, your property, your tenants and the backstory.

You’ll also be working with someone who can take a long term view on your real estate asset, including:

  • Finding good tenants, which protects your asset
  • Finding tenants who are likely to stay, which protects your monthly returns from interruption
  • Talking about renovations and minor works to preserve or increase value
  • Building relationships with a network of reliable trades; trades who’ll put you to the front of the queue because of their relationship with us
  • Strict arrears control

Investment Property Information – made easy!

We provide a secure & efficient online login to a dedicated property management website gives you 24/7 access to your property information including current rent and lease details and copies of previous statements

If you’re looking for a property management service that cares for your investment, have a conversation with us or say hello through our contact sheet.

Switching property managers is easier than you think.

We’ll prepare all the paperwork, welcome your tenants on board and make sure the transition is smooth for everyone involved.

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