Get ready for the Spring Market

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly Spring! This is traditionally our busiest sales period and given the extraordinary year that the market has delivered so far, it’s fair to say we’re excited to see what’s ahead moving to Spring.

We are here to offer astute, well-supportive advice among the chaos, so feel free to contact us via whatever platform you feel comfortable. You can always rely on us to know where the current market’s at and tell it to you straight.

We specialise in showcasing properties to perfection to maximise your sale. With our signature care and personal touch, we’re always eager to roll up our sleeves and get involved. This means we can turn your property around for sale quickly, whatever needs to be done, from interior staging and garden overhauls to minor repairs and more substantial upgrades. 

Rest assured we only work with trusted tradespeople who know what resonates with our buyers. We also have savvy architects and bankers available to advise you if needed.

When it comes to marketing, we work with leading real estate photographers, copywriters and marketer to create stand-out campaigns that strike a chord with the right buyer and bring your home to life. 

“Every home has its own story” and it’s own marketing  strategy – there’s nothing cookie-cutter about our approach. 

We also have some of the best marketing technology and processes along with top-tier relationships with and to ensure that your property will have all eyes on it.

At Acru the premium results we deliver have set new benchmarks and actually influence property prices across Inner Brisbane.

It takes years of market knowledge, and in-depth understanding of market nuances, strong teamwork and seasoned negotiation skills.

As an owned independent agency we have the luxury of being agile, adaptable and responsive to changing market needs, which is an enormous advantage in times like this.

Our insight into both sellers and buyers is second to none. We have a deep insight into what is motivating people to transact. Meeting large numbers of buyers that we do each week, we quickly pick up on subtle changes in sentiment and adjust our guidance and information to match the mood of the market. This allows us to constantly evolve and tailor our strategies to extract premium results.

You can also rest assured that we have a healthy pool of buyers eager and ready to go for Spring.

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