How to Recognise the 6 Types of Buyers

We have done the research for you. Here are the 6 types of buyers:

First Home Buyers

First home buyers are brilliant to work with as they are governed by budget not features.

  • Renovators
  • Anxious to get out of the family home
  • Motivated by price and easily swayed

The Family Buyer

The family buyer makes up an enormous part of the real estate market.

  • Make practical decisions
  • Forego fashion for space
  • Locate near schools, transport etc


Investors are an increasing part of the property market who feel insecure with shares.

  • Looking for a bargain
  • Interested primarily in financial return
  • Unemotional (unless one of a partnership believes they could live there one day).

Prestige Buyer

A prestige buyer can be a difficult client. Usually leaving a nice property (third home), they are looking to upgrade to the next stage of their life.

  • Purchase an address circle / street – not the  property
  • Their decision is based upon consensus / peer group

Life Crisis Buyer

Life crisis buyers are highly emotional and very sensitive to people who may take advantage of their situation.

  • Financially troubled
  • Divorced
  • Looking for a lifeboat to save them from the storm
  • Need direction and end up taking advice from too many people
  • Wanting options and crying out for guidance

Final Home Buyer

Final home buyers are usually very mature and calculating clients having specific needs and goals.

  • Normally downsizing to maintain a lifestyle
  • Requiring a home with low maintenance
  • Anxious for a property where they can lock the door, leave for a holiday and not worry.
  • Usually focused on location, and will forego quality for convenience
  • Seeking a place the family will enjoy visiting

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