Marketing is all about careful targeting

Many people are very resistant to spending money on big marketing campaigns. Further, many agents take the same approach to marketing. They take out expensive half page or full page ads and hope to score a buyer.

What’s more important though is marketing being targeted at the right people in the right way with the right product. You could have the biggest campaign in the world, but if your content and photos are wrong and directed at the wrong buyer, then it can be money wasted.

When marketing a property, you first need an agent with an impressive list of confirmed buyers. Before you spend money on expensive marketing, a good agent would first conduct a one week VIP preview campaign. This campaign would allow the agent to  market to established clients and prospective buyers who are looking in the current market right now. Such campaigns often yield offers and sales without the need for marketing.

Marketing can enhance a sense of competition

Once buyer interest is established, that is the time to invest in further marketing. Not because it is needed by marketing materials to ensure that the buyers feel they’ve got competition and they may actually pay a little bit more. A little bit of competition can increase the final sale price.

Prepare a buyer portal

A buyer portal is an essential marketing tool. Full of desirable photos and interactive information and persuasive information, the portal is something tangible that can be seen and emailed to database buyers as well as global buyers.

The purpose of marketing is to find the right buyer. If the property has been comprehensively marketed it’s easier to see your property and act.

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