​​5 Top qualities when choosing a real estate agent

“Success in business is about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are it’s biggest competitive advantage”. Richard Branson


Real estate agents are tasked with a huge responsibility to help clients with their next move or expand their investment portfolio and/or sell their current property. It is imperative to choose an agent in tune with your expectations. Our agents and team will help buyers seamlessly navigate the decision making process to obtain the best possible result for you.

Here are 5 traits of Our People:

Commitment with Concierge Customer Service

It’s vital that the people we hire are committed to the needs of their clients and look at real estate as a career and not just as a job. As a business owner our agents follow up every potential lead and offer. It’s what we do behind the scenes that counts. Our team has systems and procedures in place to provide the best they can for their clients. Our agents are readily available to address their clients’ concerns through each stage of the property selling or buying process. Each of our team members love their work and are dedicated to a great result and customer satisfaction.

Natural Marketer

A flair for marketing is crucial for those within the real estate field. The person you choose will be able to professionally market your home and engage with enquiries to best represent you.  In today’s digital age, our team of professionals will showcase your home and highlight the wonderful features of your home. The methods, although far-reaching across the globe, need to be targeted to the right audience and engaging to the right buyer market.

Honesty & Trust

Customers will appreciate that our people will offer service with integrity, honesty and trust. Our team will provide honest straightforward explanations and expectations of your home/investment. We believe that a good agent must be able to provide customers with up to date information, listen and follow up on your advice and simplify the whole selling/renting experience.

Delivering the WOW factor

We are passionate about every experience, be it big or small at every stage of their transaction with us. We strive for a ‘client for life philosophy’ which our business has been built on.

A people’s person

In real estate someone who is friendly, a good networker and adept at communication will go far but that’s not all. Clients warm to Our People when dealing with them. Our repeat testimonials speak for themselves: honest, friendly, ready to listen to our needs, never left second guessing which provided the confidence that we were looked after, and provided the marketing skills in the current market to achieve a great result for us.

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